All still images are taken on either 35mm or 120mm film. Analog photography speaks more than words to me. It is in every way more satisfying. I revel in the challenges and obstacles you have to overcome– and the curiosity and creativity that comes with film. I hope to take analog photos for the rest of my life. Shooting film has taught me patience and attention to detail.

Prints are made to order by request only. As a lover of printed matter

and tangible textures, I take printing images as fine art very delicately.

Back to the beginning. Where you started... That place is different for everyone. Home, what an interesting idea. 

Here you will find the films I have directed. I enjoy telling stories of people. I believe we are all so different but ultimately similar in many ways. Being such a visual learner, motion picture is so captivating to me. 

Things I like. Where my inspiration comes from. Some installations I have done. Publications I've shot for. Some info on my life and back story. Hmm... well go read for yourself!