What does it mean to tell a story without words? The right arrangement of images and figures have the powerful ability to evoke an emotion, share an unknown truth, and wordlessly speak your story. This simple power has always fascinated me. The intersection of photography and design speaks every language, it can give you a home, open a door, all without uttering a single word. Lately my time has been heavily invested in capturing organic moments rather than creating a scene. I find that my favorite photos are often not the most thoughtfully composed or aesthetically planned, but they captured a moment, a feeling, and an emotion.

​Founder + Editor in Chief of Something Different Magazine, a Detroit-based magazine that highlights art, music, and culture. We strive to adventure into the depths of our curiosity, to experiment with abstract thoughts, and to bring them to life. When you create your art, you hope the audience sees something different. To see more art click the link above.


Co-founder + Director of Zazu Creative Studio. Zazu is a creative content studio that believes in ambitious brands and intentional design. ZAZU is about vision and movement. In a world where flow of content never stops, your brand can't either. Carried forth by creative duo Brooke Weatherford and Zachariah Hagy.